Project Description

Dispensing & Bonding

Totally Automated Systems brings over 40 years of expertise in the design and manufacturing of Bonding Systems for customers in both the Automotive & Non-Automotive Industry.

  • Application/Pattern Flexibility
  • Part Flexibility with Interchangeable Nest
  • Vision Part Location
  • Vision Bead Quality Verification
  • Dispense Volume Monitoring
  • Capital Investment Consolidation by Process Optimization
  • Experience with Multiple Types of Adhesives
  • Experience with Multiple Dispense Systems
  • Green Strength Cure Time Storage Racks
  • Green Strength Cure Time Operator Poka Yoke
  • Mating Part Tolerance Management
  • Assembly Lines
  • Robotic Dedicated Equipment
  • Robotic & Flexible Equipment
  • Tool Exchange Equipment
  • Bonding
  • Traceability
  • Automotive Interior
  • Automotive Exterior
  • Non-Automotive