Project Description

Electromagnetic Welding

Totally Automated Systems offers second-to-none expertise in the design and manufacturing of Electromagnetic Welding Systems in collaboration with Emabond for customers in the Automotive Industry. “Predictable Heating” – Induction Heating uses the interaction of high frequency electromagnetic field strength & susceptors to generate heat on command.

  • Material Flexibility
    • Superior Bonding on PP & PE Plus Engineering Resins
    • Filled Polymers (Glass, Talc, Etc.)
  • Aesthetic Appearance
    • Flash Free Weld Line
    • Smooth Distortion Free Weld Line
    • Eliminate Mechanical Fasteners & Molded-in Sinks
    • Shear Joint Design with Gap Filling Properties
    • No Particulate Generated
  • Process Capability
    • Precise Heat Delivery at Bond Line
    • No Surface Pre Treatment Required
    • Near Zero Reject Capability
    • Weld Process Controls
  • Dedicated Equipment
  • Automotive Interior
  • Automotive Exterior
  • Non-Automotive